The following list of some of the more eminent scholars of the Tijaniyya cannot hope to be comprehensive, but only aims at providing an introduction to nature of the personalities who have attached themselves to this Muhammadan Path. By “scholar” here we of course mean one who has knowledge of the spectrum of the Islamic sciences (Qur’an, Fiqh, Usul, Hadith, Tafsir, Aqida, Adab, Tasawwuf, etc), and by his example balances both the Shari’a and Haqiqa, the Law and the Reality. But more importantly, a knowledgeable person in Islam as in the Tariqa is one who first and foremost has taqwa, “fear” or consciousness of God; as in the Qur’an, “Fear Allah and He will teach you.”


The tomb of Shaykh Ahmad al-tijani Shaykh Ahmad Tijani


anon_small.jpg Sidi Ali Harazem
anon_small.jpg Sidi Ali Tamasini
anon_small.jpg Sidi Muhammad Ghali
anon_small.jpg Shaykh Ibrahim Riyahi
anon_small.jpg Sidi Muhammad Hafiz Shinqiti
First Generation

umartall_small.jpg Al-Hajj Umar al-Futi Tal
abdalawi_small.jpg Sidi Ahmad Abdalawi
muhammadsaih_small.jpg Sidi Muhammad al-‘Arabi Sa’ih

Second Generation

sukayrij_small.jpg Sidi Ahmad Sukayrij

abdoulayeniasse_small.jpg Al-Hajj Abdoulaye Niasse
maliksy_small.jpg Al-Hajj Malik Sy

Third Generation

hafizmisri_small.jpg Shaykh Muhammad Hafiz Misri
ibrahimniasse_small.jpg Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse

Contemporary scholars

hassan_cisse_small.jpg Shaykh Hassan Cisse
anon_small.jpg Other Tijani Shaykhs