In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful
News from Cameroon
Published in Quotidien Le Soleil

DONGROSSÉ, Saturday, February 23 2008.

1251 persons convert to the Islam: Imam Hassan CISSE confirms.

In the Region of Marwa to the North of Cameroon, 1251 people embraced the religion of Allah in a single meeting on Friday, February 22, 2008. This collective conversion was the fruit of the preaching efforts bringing Shaykh Hassan CISSE, Imam of the Grand Mosque of Medina-Baye Senegal, to the northern Cameroonian city of Dongrossé, February 21 to 23, 2008.

The place of gathering for this massive conversion could not contain the number of people coming to witness the entrance to Islam of five traditional “Grand Chiefs,” of whom the most famous was Chief Yandandi. Henceforth, these chiefs will carry the title of “Emir” within their respective communities.

Delegations came from Chad and Nigeria to attend this solemn ceremony. In particular, the Chadian delegation was distinguished by the presence of high-ranking military personnel, who came bringing riverside populations despite the instability in their country. Dongrossé is only 50 km from the Chadian border.

During a previous visit to the Chadian city of Pala, 560 km to the south of N’Djamena near the border with Cameroon, 883 people converted to Islam at the hand of Imam Hassan Cisse in July, 2006.

In such a manner, Shaykh Hassan Cisse continues to honor the invitations and requests from communities who find in him an excellent communicator and successful philanthropic interlocutor.

With this “Turning Point of 2008,” the Imam of Medina-Baye has once again taken up the pilgrim’s banner, carrying the Word of Allah the Exalted and of the Prophet, peace and blessings on him, to the corners of the world, especially in Africa. He thus continues the work of his venerable grand-father, Shaykh al-Islam, al-Hajj Ibrahim Niasse.