The Tariqa Tijaniyya


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Welcome to the homepage of, a website dedicated to providing reliable information about the Tijani Sufi Way. The Tariqa Tijaniyya, sometimes referred to as the Tariqa Ahmadiyya, Muhammadiyya or Ibrahimiyya Hanifiyya, was founded in Algeria in 1784 by order of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, in a waking vision to Sidi Abu Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Tijani al-Hassani, may God be pleased with him.

This Sufi way has since spread all over the world, with large Tijani communities today found in Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Egypt, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan, South Africa, Indonesia, America and elsewhere. Estimating the numbers of Tijanis around the world is difficult, but conservative estimates would probably place the number somewhere around 100 million. Since the nineteenth century, the Tijaniyya has been the most prominent Sufi order on the African continent.

Like most traditional Sufi confraternities, the Tijaniyya is inseparable from Islam and Tijanis have been important scholars within the larger Muslim world. Besides the biographies of prominent Tijani personalities and perspective on the Tijaniyya’s dialogue with the larger Muslim tradition, this website is also concerned with the essential questions of the day to day practice of Tijanis, as well as certain Islamic principles they have been keen to elaborate.

If you find your interest sparked by the information presented here, we have also endeavored to provide information concerning further resources: print literature, links to other sites dealing with the Tijaniyya, and a contact form directed to a licensed Tijani muqaddam (teacher).